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Why Go to Church?

July 22, 2016


Participating in a church youth ministry is a very personal decision you might have to make one day. You’ll have to understand the Christian church culture and then decide whether that culture can help you to improve your life.

The Christian culture is one that believes in an Almighty deity who sacrificed His own Son so that people can be reconciled to Him for good works. Christians believe that they are washed clean and made anew after they re-join this entity, and He perfects them as they live their lives.


These beliefs and practices can help you in many ways. They can help you in everyday life to have a positive and light-filled mindset and a loving heart. They can help you in your marriage so that you remain faithful and do everything you can to nurture your relationship with your spouse. These practices can also help you if you are having issues in your family.

The Church of Christ online is one option for you if you would like to join the world of heavenly worship. Participating in Christian worship services online can get your feet wet so that you can learn more about it from the comfort of your home.


Church steeple history

Often times when we think about church we think about antique church pews and church steeple crosses along with a musky smell and incense and possibly candles. If you think about church that way no wonder why so many less people go these days. Although there’s nothing wrong with church steeple crosses and second hand church pews, churches nowadays are so much more up to date than they used to be and can relate extremely well to the younger generation. There are many great reasons to go to church even if you aren’t into church steeple crosses. Here’s some reasons why church might be a good idea anyway.

To Know God
If you are religious been going to church is almost a requirement for keeping up with your relationship with God. Many people go to church in order to pray and worship uninterrupted. Of course you can pray and worship in the privacy of your own home but if you have pets or children then often times it just doesn’t happen. It’s easy to get so caught up in life and work and not make time to pray even if you don’t have anyone living with you.

To Meet People
Going to church is a great way to connect with the community and meet people. When you were younger you may have gone to bars and clubs in order to meet people and socialize but maybe now you feel like those days should be behind you. The great thing about church is that everyone will remember meeting you and no one is going to be drunk and making a fool of themselves or trying to make you do so. Church is a great place to find group activities such as play dates for your children, singles Bible studies if you are not married, college prayer meetings for students and more.

To Take Classes
Often times churches offer classes in the traditional sense as well as lifestyle classes. For example they could offer driving classes or GED study sessions but at the same time parenting classes or courses for newlyweds are offered. Of course all of these classes will have a biblical foundation being a part of the church. Even though they are part of the church, most of the time they are open to the public as a way to introduce people to their church so that they can realize they are more than just church steeple crosses and churchpews.

To Teach Your Children
Raising your children to understand the Bible will help them to understand the foundations of our country and what made us great. It will help them understand history and things that have happened in the past. Whether or not you believe in the Bible doesn’t really matter because the Bible has been proven as a historical book and it would be beneficial for everyone to understand it and read it.

To Do Community Service
Church is also a great place to do me to do community service. There was a lot that needs to be done behind the scenes and if you need to do some community service going to church might be a great place to get that done. You could be doing anything from cleaning the grounds to giving people rides are volunteering in various capacities.

To Volunteer
Speaking of volunteering, if that is something that you want to do then almost all churches have a need for that. Whether it be a soup kitchen, sports day or a cleanup job, basically anything that can be done as community service can also be looked into for volunteering. Some jobs will give you a paid day off as a volunteer day at a charity. If the church is a registered charity, as most churches are, you will get paid to volunteer for a day at a church.

To Find a Family
Whether you have a religious background or not, finding a church to go to that does not care about your past life or actions understands the true meaning of brotherly love. Being a part of a church will give you a family that you can lean on, rely on and depend on in time of need. And in turn, you can be there for them as well when the favor needs to be returned.


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