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Whether you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist there will always be problems in life with which you will grapple futilely. If you are lucky enough to go through life with nothing but small problems that you can solve with a little extra money, making a phone call, or just by giving it enough attention, you are one of the few lucky ones.

For most people, however, problems will inevitably arise that are out of their control. Sure, they may have played some role the contributed to a particular problem, but since we are not born with foresight, it might have been unintentional. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes, take risks, and thus, many future outcomes that are considered mistakes are merely a consequence of chance. An example of this is the problems that are common among parents and their children.

Although family problems are one of the most tired themes on television from popular daytime talk shows to cable reality shows to the most serious prime time dramas, it is also an issue to which many families can relate. Over 80 percent of all family problems can be attributed to either substance abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, or other addictions. The most challenging part of dealing with family issues and problems is communication.

No matter how small the issue may seem, if the problem cannot be settled between family members, the best alternative is to seek professional advice on family issues and problems. Since communication is one of the foremost principals professionals use to help family problems, families will never arrive at a viable, agreeable solution.

Conflict between family members is one of the most difficult and awkward social situations to deal with. Because their connections run so deep, it makes it almost impossible for family members to just walk away from each other and never speak again. However, family therapists are trained and certified in family help strategies that will encourage them to communicate. While beginning a productive dialogue may be difficult, once communication begins, clients can finally move toward finding the evasive solutions to the most severe family issues and problems.

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