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The Rancher’s Life Is It For You?

July 22, 2016


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Many of us dream about going out to a far-off state and taking to the great outdoors. Of course, a dream is a far cry from reality — and luckily, there is a way that you can not only take to the countryside, but a make a living off of it. Many Americans are leaving their more suburban lifestyle for a rural one, taking advantage of farm land and ranchland for sale. There is much money to be made in the agricultural industry. Farmland and ranchland for sale can be turned into profitable farms and ranches, benefiting not only the businessperson in question, but those dependent upon the agricultural industry as well. Of course, this isn’t the only thing you can do with farmland or ranchland for sale. There are many ways through which you can benefit from running a farm and ranch. Perhaps the greatest benefit, however, is not what this opportunity offers financially, but what it does for people on a personal level. The fact is that many of us will never get the opportunity to truly feel free; this is something that running a ranch or farm does. It gives people the chance to feel independent and free of constraints, which is a rare find indeed. Let’s look into the realities of running a ranch or farm in today’s world, and you can decide whether or not it’s a lifestyle for you.

Owning A Ranch Or Farm: The Opportunity

You may balk at the idea of running a ranch or farm simply because of the practicalities involved. Are the opportunities really there? In fact, they are. There are many patches of farmland and ranchland for sale. As for where that ranchland and farmland for sale rests — that’s another question entirely. At the moment, Texas leads the nation in the most value for farm real estate. However, Texas is not the only place in the nation that places a high value on farmland. You might be surprised by some of the places where people start farms and ranches. You can find farmland for sale in California; although known for its more urban cities like Los Angeles, California farms lead the nation in the production of 66 crops. These include almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, raisins, kiwifruit, olives, clingstone peaches, pistachios, prunes, pomegranates, sweet rice, and much more. The one thing you need to be sure of is that the patch of land you’re buying can accommodate your plans. The average farm holds 435 acres, and the average ranch is often comparable or perhaps even larger.

Farms Versus Ranches: The Main Differences

Many believe that farms and ranches are the same thing, when in fact they’re far from it. Farms are usually characterized as being based more on crops. Furthermore, they’re dependent on remaining in one particular place. Ranches, on the other hand, are often associated not only with crops but livestock. Some ranches are known as horse property — that is, property in which horses are bred and trained. Others are cattle ranches. Ranches can be spread out over a significant portion of land, with livestock being kept in herds and moved from place to place. However, traditional farming and ranching are not the only means through which landowners can make money.

The Guest Ranch And More: Your Property As A Vacation Spot

Many farm and ranch owners find that they can utilize their land in more ways than one. While you can still ranch or farm traditionally, you may also want to welcome guests during vacation season. This involves letting people visit your ranch to stay and experience “the life” in a way that is more comfortable than, perhaps, reality. It’s a fun experience for visitors, and for ranch owners it’s a great way to make extra money. It’s also a way to share the life of a rancher, if on a smaller, less serious scale. Everyone benefits!

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