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Why Apartment Living Rocks Even More Than You Thought It Did

April 23, 2014



Think affordable rent is the only way downtown apartments save you money? Think again, my thrifty friend. Apartment rentals are not simply a matter of convenience. They are the quintessential living situation for anyone looking to save money on utilities, maintenance, and transportation costs.

Utilities. Many lifelong renters don’t even know the kind of money they save on utilities by renting an apartment. While some landlords pay for heat and even wireless internet, nearly all landlords pay for water, sewage, and trash and recycling pickup. Many renters wouldn’t even know who to call to ask about these service.

Maintenance. Apartment living doesn’t require a DIY handyman degree. Suburban, rural, uptown, or downtown apartments for rent all keep a maintenance crew on hand for emergencies and routine fixes. You don’t pay for service calls, and you don’t pay for materials. Broken faucet? Taken care of. Water damage from someone else’s broken faucet? Done. They’re also the folks who make sure your carpet is clean and your walls are painted before you move in.

Transportation. A well-located apartment (like downtown apartments near public transportation) can save you hundreds of dollars a year on gas — and can even make your car an unnecessary expense all by itself. If you can hop on the bus (or even walk) to get to work, school, groceries, theaters, restaurants, and all the amenities downtown living has to offer, why would you need to waste money on the gas, repairs, and registration fees that come with owning a car?

Well over 67 million people under the age of 30 rent their living space. And apartment buildings in the United States contribute over $10 million to the economy. That many people wouldn’t be giving apartment managers that much money, if it weren’t the best, most cost-effective, and most practical solution to downtown living ever devised by humankind. Period. See this reference for more. Learn more.

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