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Three Features to Consider When You’re Buying a New Home for the First Time

March 17, 2015


Master planned communities

If you’ve been on a house hunt for a while, you’ve probably found plenty of homes out there that just haven’t suited your needs. Whether they’re resales that need fixing up or new constructions in still-developing neighborhoods, you’ve probably figured what is and isn’t suited to your taste so far.

But buying a new home doesn’t have to be too difficult, especially if you know which master planned communities to look in. If modern homes are just what you’re looking for, take a look at these three features you might want as you set about buying a new home:

    1. Modern Home Design: From open concepts to en suite bathrooms, there are several features in newer homes that you often can’t find in older resales. Getting the best new home for your family means having the chance to buy a house with more square footage and a more effective layout. Do your homework to find out which houses in your area have all the features you want.

    2. Energy Efficiency: Green may not be the trendy color for appliances any more, but going “green” is definitely in style. Getting a home green certified can up its resale value by 9% later on. A recent survey revealed that 94% of home buyers want energy efficient appliances, including those that are Energy Star certified. But make sure that everything in the home is energy efficient — not just those stainless steel kitchen appliances that you like so much. Check the furnace, water heater, and air conditioner to find out whether they are high efficiency or not. Even non-electronic items like insulation and windows should also be efficient, so you don’t lose heat in the winter or cool air in the summer.

    3. Customization: If you’ll be working with a home builder, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to choose exactly what you want for your home. Many builders will work with clients to develop the perfect modern home plans with any layout and features you choose. Have to have granite counter tops? You can request that if it’s not a standard feature. Having the chance to upgrade your appliances and fixtures now can save you the frustration of replacing the standard features later on.

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