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The Top 3 Reasons that Millions of People are Switching to Adjustable Beds

August 12, 2015


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You may have heard this before, but you spend one-third of your life sleeping, so picking the right mattress for you is more important than just getting a good night’s sleep. The quality of your slumber has a direct effect on your mood and ability to perform at work, which are not things you want to mess around with.

Thankfully, the breakthrough technology of adjustable beds has given millions of people the customized experience they need to wake up feeling ready to take on the day. Here are three of the best reasons to invest in your bed comfort and get an adjustable mattress:

    They’re not just for sleeping. When you lie flat in your bed for 20 minutes or so before dozing off, which many people do, it actually makes it harder to eventually go to sleep. Most people like to read or watch television for a little while, and doing either of those while flat on your back can be difficult. An adjustable bed can be formatted to support the top half of your body like a chair would during your pre-slumber routine. When you’re finally ready to call it a night, you can convert it back to a normal bed with the simple touch of a button.

    No more tossing and turning. Adjustable beds are a godsend for people who just can’t seem to find that sweet spot when they try to fall asleep. Your body unconsciously changes positions during the night, trying to avoid the pain and tension of sleeping in discomfort. With an adjustable mattress, you control how firm or soft your bed is, and finding the right one for you will only take a night or two.

    They come in all shapes and sizes. There are all types of adjustable beds, from king size to twin size, and the settings can be formatted to fit your unique needs. There are heated mattresses, dual adjustable beds (perfect for couples), and even luxury versions with tons of bells and whistles.

Check out all the different types of adjustable beds and find the one that is right for you. There is no shortage of options, and you’ll never go back to a normal mattress when you feel the tailored comfort of an adjustable bed.

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