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Why Amish Sheds and Gazebos Stand the Test of Time Better

August 12, 2015


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The Amish are known for their skill and technique in crafting some of the most beautiful handcrafted furniture in the world. Traditional style and hard work are staples of the Amish community, who built barns in nearly 10 hours. Today, that commitment and quality is readily available in hand crafted furniture that anyone can own.

Detailed Craftsmanship
Amish furniture is often 100% handmade from wood, with most Amish furniture manufacturers hiring between five to 10 employees that work around 42.7 hours per week as of 2007. Farm equipment, hydraulic equipment, corner sheds, furniture, and cabinetry are all staples of Amish furniture design. Nearly half of Amish furniture is made using traditional red oak for its sturdiness and beauty.

Outdoor Amish Furniture
Amish gazebos, garages and sheds are all available worldwide. Nearly 21 million people in the United Kingdom have garden or corner sheds, with outdoor sheds similarly popular in the United States. A survey found that up to 77% of respondents keep old tools in garden or corner sheds for safety and ease. Many homeowners choose Amish outdoor furniture due to its customizability; many sheds and gazebos are installed on-site from scratch. If you’re looking to beautify your backyard while adding functionality or storage to your home, Amish craftsmanship can’t be beat when it comes to quality, price, and durability.

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