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3 Compelling Reasons to Donate Household Items That You May Not Have Considered

August 12, 2015


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Did you know that individual donations amounted to $240.6 billion in 2013? That was a 4.2% increase over 2012, but just imagine if more people gave to charity over the coming years. Many people may avoid charitable giving because they think it requires cash, but donations don’t have to be monetary. In fact, sometimes donating to a charity is as simple as looking in a basement, closet, or attic for items that you would otherwise discard!

Why should you donate household items to local causes? Here are three reasons why you should give your good will donations to people in need:

Provide children in need clothing and other goods when you give.

Many children grow up in environments where economic difficulty is a daily challenge for them and their families. Even parents who are able to work may be faced with hardship if they are underpaid or underemployed, so every little bit that they can get from charity counts. One way to do this is to donate gently used clothing. Clothing donations are often given directly to families in need, and they may also be sold in secondhand shops, where approximately 20% of all donations end up. This gives families in need the chance to get low cost items for their children.

Help furnish a new home for a family.

For families who may have lived in shelters or impoverished conditions, finally getting a new place to live seems like a miracle. However, many families may not have the means necessary to buy furniture or appliances. This is why it is so important for others to donate household items when they can. These charitable donations help to give families the furniture, small appliances, and electronics that they need to live comfortably.

Sometimes a treat is nice, too.

While clothing and household goods are necessities, sometimes there’s nothing quite like getting a special gift. If you have old electronics lying around your home, make sure you don’t wind up turning them into e-waste. Instead, consider donating electronics and even children’s toys. This is especially crucial around the holidays when many families can’t afford to buy toys from “Santa,” but it’s also a nice thing to do any time of the year. (It’s also a “green” practice because it reduces harmful electronic and plastic landfill waste!)

Have more questions about how you can begin helping others? Get in touch with a local charity to find out if you can donate household items, clothing, and other goods, and leave a comment in the space provided.

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