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The One Thing That Will Change The Way You Sleep Forever

June 8, 2015


Adustable bed

It turns out hospitals might just have the right idea after all, in making their beds adjustable. Although most people hate the idea of going to the hospital and have difficulty falling asleep there, hospitals have invested in the right kind of bed to promote comfort and ease in falling asleep. The National Sleep Foundation has found that making beds adjustable can assist in removing pressure from parts of your body that make sleeping painful or even uncomfortable. If you’re having trouble falling asleep and have tried a number of various remedies, but don’t want to resort to medication just yet, try buying an adjustable bed. It may just make all the difference.
Reasons You May Not Be Able To Fall Asleep
The most obvious answer is that you may very well have a sleeping disorder or a medical reason that’s preventing you from falling asleep. If this is a chronic problem, go talk to your doctor. However, if it’s been confirmed that a sleep disorder is not the reason for your inability to fall asleep, there are other reasons you may not be able to fall asleep and stay asleep.
If you’re waking up stiff and sore in the morning, you may also suffer from chronic pain you didn’t even know you had. In other people, this pain may be more apparent and you may be taking medication for it, which can also interfere with your sleep. The National Sleep Foundation reports that people say pain in their backs, necks, jaws, and headaches are the most common areas for them to be hurting. Naturally, if you’re exercising heavily or working in a strenuous job, there may be other reasons for these aches and pains. However, sleeping on a flat mattress, instead of on one of the many types of adjustable beds can also be a cause for this pain. A flat mattress makes people sleep cramped or curled up, which can lead to pain in the morning or over the course of the night.
What You Can Do About It
Companies that make their beds adjustable have a solution to the traditional flat mattress that can help you sleep better at night. The slight incline at either the top or bottom of your bed keeps you from curling up or bending your legs in a way that causes you unnecessary pain as you sleep. You can also manage the incline of your bed for your comfort level. This may also help with reading in bed, if that’s an activity you regularly engage in before bed. The incline will reduce neck strain. There are also luxury adjustable beds available, if you’ve ever desired heat or massage options.
Where Can I Get One?
Many department stores will sell adjustable beds or adjustable bed frames, which is convenient if you want to go in and test them. Mattress stores are another great place to find adjustable beds, especially if you’re looking at specialty beds. If you’re looking for discounted beds, searching online is another great option that’s also cost-effective.
Get a better night’s sleep with an adjustable bed that’s just right for you. With regular exercise and healthy eating habits, you’re sure to fall asleep quicker and stay that way.

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