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Three Custom Home Design Blunders You Should Avoid Making

June 3, 2015


Luxury custom house floor plans

Building a custom home is really the only way to get the ideal home for you, your family, and your unique needs, but in most cases it’s not realistic to assume you’re going to live in that home forever. When making any home purchase — whether it’s an already existing home or a custom one — you really need to plan ahead and consider what the resale value of the home will be and how attractive the home will be to other buyers. Here are three features not to add to your custom house designs to ensure an easy resale.

1. Built-in technology.
One of the things many custom homeowners think they want is built in electronics, but this is actually not a good idea and shouldn’t be a part of your luxury house designs. Most people will want to arrange their furniture and use their own electronics like televisions and entertainment systems. Additionally, adding smart home features can be worthwhile for your time in the home, but most of them are integrated with smart phones and aren’t standardized, so a new homeowner’s devices may not be compatible.

2. A built-in aquarium.
Another blunder that people make when creating their custom house designs is adding a built-in aquarium, usually in a wall. It does add a touch of luxury and an interesting dynamic to your interior design, but a potential buyer might see it as an inconvenience or unnecessary. Not everyone owns fish or wants to deal with the cost of the upkeep.

3. An unadaptable room.
Luxury home plans often include rooms like a home theater, an office, or a wine cellar, but adding rooms that can’t be adapted for any other purpose might be a turn off for a potential buyer. Ask your custom home builders for help designing a space that you can use for a specific purpose but can easily be used for something else if you do sell.

Were you considering any of these custom home design blunders? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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