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Furnishing Your Church the Right Way

June 12, 2015


Church steeple

Christianity is the most popular and widespread religion in the U.S. According to Gallup polls, 40% of Americans across the nation consider themselves very religious, and 68% of Americans claim to at least occasionally attend church. As a result of the sheer number of faithful Christians in the U.S., the amount of churches in the nation is staggering.

Each individual church requires proper furnishing, maintenance, and restoration. There are several professionals who specialize in the restoration and transportation of church seating and other furnishings. These men and women provide each church with the care it needs, paying close attention to the specific history of the church and the requirements of that church’s denomination.

Church Pews and Church Furniture.

In the first millennium of Christianity, churchgoers had no place to sit. Instead, they walked around their church freely, socializing with the congregation while worshipping with them. Around the 13th century, church pews were introduced so that people could sit during worship. These pews were movable and could be brought in or taken out of the church.

During the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, church pews started to become permanent fixtures in churches, in part due to the rise of the sermon in church services. Today, wooden pews are commonplace in almost all churches of any denomination, save for some more orthodox groups.

Some churches accept donated used church pews from churches that are no longer functioning. There are also thousands of vintage and antique church pews out there that people buy for their homes and/or donate to churches. These older pews require even more care than newer ones, and those who specialize in the maintenance of church furniture will ensure that the rustic history of the pew remains intact while also ensuring its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In addition to pews, several other furnishings have become prevalent in churches, such as pew kneelers, lecterns, altars, baptismal pools, and more. These furnishings also require proper maintenance and repair.

Portable Baptismal Pools.

Baptismal pools (or baptismal fonts) are ceremonial basins that hold holy water used for the ritual of baptism found in certain Christian denominations. A portable baptismal pool is, like it sounds, a baptismal pool that can be moved around a church and transported to other locations. The exterior of these baptismal pools are typically wooden to match the texture of the pews and altar, and they often have wheels to allow for easy maneuvering and storage. Some higher end portable baptismal pools even feature circulation heaters and purification systems, which means they require people with special knowledge to maintain their functionality.

Proper furnishings are vital for any church to allow for its congregation to worship properly and comfortably. The importance of maintaining, repairing, and restoring these furnishings, then, cannot be overlooked. There are several people out there who can do the job!

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