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The Newest Treatment Program That Is Making Rehab A Thing Of The Past

October 12, 2016


Ibogaine hcl

Do you have a loved one that has an addiction problem with drugs or alcohol? Then you should be looking for the best way possible to get them the help they need to get and stay clean. Sometimes, addicts just need a little push to enter treatment.

Don’t feel like you are alone, because addiction is an extremely common problem. Today, there are more than 20 million Americans that are suffering with an addiction, including 2 million that have dependency on both alcohol and illicit drugs.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a dangerous problem. In a typical year, more than 5 million emergency room visits are related to drugs.

In 2014 alone, there were over 29,000 drug- and alcohol-related motor vehicle deaths and over 47,000 individuals died from fatal drug overdoses. Surely you would never want to see something so heartbreaking happen to someone you care about, or to someone else because of your loved one.

Addiction is something that affects the whole family and treatment is something that needs to be considered very seriously. Not only that, but many that suffer with addiction also suffer from other mental health problems, what’s called a co-occurring disorder. That’s why your loved one needs help and specialized care.

While traditional rehabilitation programs may be helpful, not everyone benefits from that type of treatment. There are also people who have been in and out of rehab many times already. What alternatives are available?

Outpatient Treatment Programs

For those who can’t afford inpatient drug rehab, there is almost certainly a variety of outpatient drug treatment programs in your area. For instance, many heroin addicts rely on outpatient methadone clinics, while many recovering alcoholics attend outpatient groups after leaving rehab.

However, for those who need more intensive care, outpatient facilities may not be the best choice.

Ibogaine Treatment Programs

What are the benefits of using ibogaine to detox, rather than traditional methods? Many addicts have found that ibogaine treatment programs provide markedly effective results.

  1. Ibogaine therapy can counteract the majority of withdrawal symptoms that commonly accompany opioid withdrawal
  2. Ibogaine treatment programs produce a discernible reduction in cravings for stimulants as well as alcohol.
  3. Ibogaine addiction treatment for opiate addiction can eliminate up to 98% of opiate withdrawal symptoms in some patients. On top of that, this substance can notably alleviate post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS).

What can an ibogaine treatment center help with? For those struggling with treatment-resistant cocaine addiction, alcoholism, opioid dependency, and other forms of substance abuse, ibogaine is an attractive alternative.

No Matter What Type of Treatment You Choose, Get Help Now

Drug and alcohol addiction is clearly a serious problem, for the sufferer, for their family, as well as countless others that they may come in contact with.

If you or our loved one is suffering from addiction, help is required and help is available. Your loved one needs treatment that will enable them to get clean now and set them up for a life of sobriety. Inpatient rehab, outpatient groups, peer support networks like Alcohol Anonymous, and Ibogaine treatment centers are all available to help with recovery. No matter which you choose, get the assistance that you and your family require before it’s too late.

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