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Buying Amish The Advantages Of Amish Woodworking

October 9, 2016


Amish rabbit hutches

Whether you’re looking for decorative furniture or practical structures like barns, when you’re investing in woodworked products you want to get your money’s worth. Due to the advent of mass production, more often than not the products we can get our hands on are poorly made and look exactly alike. It seems that the talent, skill, and time involved in creating well-made pieces of furniture and sheds like has gone out of style, in a sense. Many lament the fact that Old Work techniques appear to no longer exist in America. Luckily, this actually isn’t the case. Old World woodworking techniques are still alive and well, fittingly in cultures that still value an older, more traditional way of life in general. The Amish have been rediscovered as master artisans, building both the artistic, decorative pieces that we want and the practical works that we need. They have become known for building everything from custom Amish sheds to beautifully designed pergolas. While it’s true that more time and money needs to be dedicated to Amish crafts, it’s equally true that Amish pieces are worth the time and money you will be expected to put into them. With that being said, let’s look into some of the crafts available from Amish artisans, and how their techniques produce fine crafts.

Rediscovering Amish History: How We Came To Know About Amish Craftsmanship

For years, the Amish lived on the periphery of American society — not thought of often, and regarded somewhat as outsiders by those who lived in the modern society. Due in part to these cultural divides, the artistic and practical achievements of the Amish went unnoticed for a significant period of time. It was not until the early twentieth century that art dealers and others in the art world began to notice the value of Amish crafts. In the 1920s America became obsessed with folk art — that is, art created by specific American cultural groups, often departing from more traditional art forms such as painting or drawing. During this time, Amish furniture was rediscovered by art collectors and historians, who placed great value on the beauty and quality of their pieces. As Amish furniture grew win popularity, so did outdoor pieces like barns and pergolas — though at this point you’re probably wondering “what is a pergola?”. The fact is that much of the appeal of Amish craftsmanship is that it looks beautiful while at the same time functioning practically, and these qualities can be applied to many different products.

What Is A Pergola: Amish-Made Products

What is a pergola, anyway? A pergola is just one of the many products that can be commissioned from Amish craftsmen. Specifically, a pergola is an archway often seen in a garden or park. It consists of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. This archway can be functional on some level, allowing for the growth and cultivation of certain plants, while at the same time being functional. In the same sense, custom Amish gazebos both perform a function while looking great. Now that you have the question of “what is a pergola?” answered, you can look into the many different Amish-made products available. The Amish can even build custom garages, as well as barns and garden sheds. Many still turn to Amish craftsmen for their furniture design. While some Amish craftsmen sell kits, in which the pieces are Amish-made but can be assembled by the buyers, others sell their products completely finished ahead of time. It depends on what you want — most Amish craftsmen are flexible in regards to custom orders.

Quality Over Quantity: The Advantages Of Amish Products

Amish products are made from the finest materials — usually oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, or maple wood. It’s 100% handcrafted, and while this means that a piece of Amish furniture usually takes about eight weeks to craft, it also means that the furniture pieces and practical products you do buy are high quality and well worth the wait.

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