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Spending too Much Time Online Looking at Properties? Contact a Local Real Estate Company Instead

December 19, 2017


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Given that it’s often less expensive to buy, rather than rent, a home in the United States’ top 100 cities, it’s not surprising that Google searches for real estate have been increasing exponentially. In 2016, for example, data shows that it was nearly 38% less expensive to buy rather than rent a home in the most popular cities in America. Between the years of 2009 to 2013, real-estate related searches on Google increased 253%, which is significant difference when compared to prior years.

Millennials tend to spend more time conducting online real estate searches than other age brackets. A recent poll showed that this was the case for 99% of Millennial home buyers. When considering the number of overall homebuyers, however, 44% indicated that they initially searched for properties online.

Finding just the right property can prove challenging. The survey showed that 52% of home buyers listed this as the most difficult aspect of becoming a home owner. This is where having a real estate agent can make a significant difference. While there may be a considerable number of attractive condos and homes for sale that can be viewed online, a realtor will have more up-to-date listings. Furthermore, a real estate agent will also be a great resource because they can provide additional information about the overall community and its benefits.

For instance, some people may not be aware that a home’s value can be affected by the local school district’s quality. A local realtor would be able to inform potential buyers that a home’s price may be affected by as much as 20% based on this factor alone. This can be quite beneficial for couples that are planning to start a family or that already have school-age children.

In the event that home buyers have an existing home to sell prior to purchasing a second one, a real estate agent can also be invaluable. Most realtors will discuss the role of curb appeal in selling a home. In general, homeowners can expect to receive a 100% return on their investment when updating their landscaping and overall curb appeal.

Bathroom additions are another way to increase a home’s value and receive a solid return on an investment. Adding a second or a third bathroom has the potential to provide an average of a 86.4% return.
Kitchen remodels, even minor ones, can bring an 82.7% return on investment, too. It’s interesting to note , however, that recommends putting homes on the market for 15% to 20% of what they are worth.

Whether you’re planning to buy, sell, or both, working with realtors can make a difference in the time it takes to achieve your goal. When it comes to selling, realtors will provide you with valuable tips to make sure your home is actually ready to put on the market. If you’re planning to purchase just the right home for you and your family, realtors will also be able to streamline this process by only showing you the types of homes that resonate with your vision.

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