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Apartment Hunting With Kids: What To Consider

December 13, 2017


apartments for rentWhile the average American moves about 12 times in their lifetime, moving as a family is a particularly special experience. When you have little ones to consider in your housing choices, it makes every decision that much more significant. This is why it’s important to consider certain factors when moving with kids. As you tour various townhouses and apartments for rent, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will your family be growing again?
    If you plan to add new members to your family in the near future, you might look for an apartment that can accommodate this growth without bursting at the seams. This way, you can settle into a home and raise your little ones in one place. Alternatively, you might only want an apartment that accommodates the current size of your family.
  2. Does the apartment complex have kid-friendly amenities?
    Basketball courts, walking trails, and swimming pools are all signs of a family-friendly apartment complex. Especially if your kids are older, you likely want them to have the freedom to play and roam as they please.
  3. How are the area schools?
    This is always one of the most important questions for parents to ask before a move. You want to live in a school district that suits your family’s needs and can provide your children with a quality education. The property manager may be able to give you information about local schools and other kid-friendly activities.
  4. Can your kids grow up in this space?
    A residence should support a child’s growth, so be sure that you can see your children thriving in the apartment or townhouse. Ask the property manager about other children in the community and if it is common place for families to live.
  5. Does your family have a pet?
    If you have a family pet, or plan to adopt one in the future, be sure to prioritize pet-friendly apartments. Nothing is worse than having to say no to Fluffy because of complex regulations.

While looking at apartments for rent when you have kids is a much different experience than apartment hunting as a young couple, it can enrich the entire experience. Your love for your little ones can drive your choice, prioritizing places that support growth, comfort, and learning.

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