Maintenance Tips from a Professional Chimney Cleaner

September 6, 2022


Any homeowner with a fireplace or woodstove should prepare for the winter season by making sure their chimney is clean. Using your fireplace without proper maintenance can cause soot-like waste to build up, which can lead to a fire and pose a safety risk to your family and your home. While some might hire a professional chimney cleaner, there are also simple steps anyone can take to complete this important task.

The first step is to prepare the area outside your fireplace by sealing the opening with a plastic tarp.

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If you have a wood stove instead, make sure it is closed. This will prevent soot from spreading into your home and creating a mess during the cleaning process. Next, access your roof safely with a ladder and remove your chimney cap. To see the extent of the maintenance needed, you’ll then want to look down the chimney using a flashlight or a camera. Now it is time to extend your cleaning brush down the chimney to remove any debris. This can be purchased at a hardware store or online.

Safety equipment is also important to remember for this process. This can include goggles, gloves, and a mask to protect yourself.

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