How Grease Traps Work to Protect Your Pipes

September 6, 2022


A newly installed plumbing system, pipes and all, operates seamlessly, but the system’s performance declines with time and continued use. This deterioration is usually a result of many factors, and grease buildup in pipes is one of them. A homeowner can manage the drainage conditions by fitting water pipes with a grease trap. Technological developments have led to more efficient grease trap designs that work more efficiently than ever.

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Home and restaurant kitchens, most notably fast-food ones, usually handle food on a daily basis. Some grease in these foods usually ends up in the kitchen sink, where it solidifies upon coming into contact with cold water. These solids deposit on the drain pipe walls, clogging them and causing water to flow slowly down the drain. With time, these deposits become thick and fill the entire pipe diameter, resulting in blockages and water overflows. It’s better for the building owner to prevent this problem rather than fix its damning consequences. By understanding how grease insolation works and putting measures in place, homeowners will ensure that their pipes have an optimal operation and a long life. A grease trap installation will also prevent grease damage to water pipes and the involved maintenance and repair.

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