How to Detect a Gas Line Leak in Your Home

September 2, 2022


Gas is a useful resource in your house, making it possible for you to cook, stay warm, and enjoy your home. But when there is a leak, your entire family could be in danger. Knowing how to detect a gas line leak is an essential skill for any homeowner whose utilities rely on gas.

A gas line leak is usually noticeable first because of its smell.

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If you recognize the pungent odor of gas, do not ignore it. If you follow this scent, it can help you find the general location of the leak before you pinpoint its specific source.

The most common tool to detect a leak is a gas leak detector solution. If it bubbles when applied to a pipe, it means a leak is present. While a store-bought solution is recommended, you can make your own with diluted dish soap in a pinch.

If you have the budget, you can also use an electronic leak detector. It will make an alert sound to notify you when it has discovered the source of the leak.

You should never use a flame to try to find the leak. This method is extremely dangerous and should not be attempted.

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