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How to Donate Clothes the Right Way

October 21, 2014


Veterans donations

If you’re like many Americans, you may be looking for ways to give back to your community but are unsure of how to do so, or even where to start. Many people feel that they do not have enough time, or even enough clothing or goods to donate. However, with a little creative thinking and even a quick scan of your closet, you’re sure to find several items that you can part with, and that will be beneficial to someone in need.

Veterans charities have become increasingly popular over the course of the last few years, amidst the continued War on Terror and efforts to quell terrorism. As such, Americans are eager to show their support for military families, active duty troops, and veterans. Though donors can make a variety of charitable donations to organizations that help military families, clothing donations are particularly important.

There are several local, regional, and national organizations that accept clothing donations. Chances are, there is one right in your area! Clothing donations are not only beneficial to those who receive them, they are also beneficial to the environment, which is a cause many Americans also feel passionately about. In fact, nearly 99% of clothing that is discarded in the United States could have been reused or recycled in some way. By donating clothes, you are taking a step towards reducing landfill waste.

Begin by searching for organizations that accept clothing donations in your area. Several organizations also offer donation pick up services as adding convenience. This is especially helpful for those who have hectic schedules, as it allows them to donate from the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, many organizations that accept clothing donations have frequent clothing donation drives, which draw large crowds. Be sure to follow their posts on social media platforms for updates. Or, look for clothing donation drop bins in your area. These tend to be conveniently located and are weather proof. While running your next errand, why not drop off a load of clothing that you no longer need.

Remember, your donation doesn’t have to be large in order to make difference in the life of another. Every individual donation is important! To see more, read this:

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