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How to Show Your Support for Military Families and Veterans

October 20, 2014


Military charities

Like many Americans, you may be eager to show your support for military families and veterans but are unsure where to start, how to go about doing so, or you may simply be short on time. There are several avenues and ways in which to make charitable donations to military families, many of which require no time, and fit conveniently in the busy schedules that many have today.

Whether you’re in the midst of spring cleaning, or looking to find a new sense of fulfillment beyond retirement, there are many local, national, and regional organizations that help military families and make donating easier and more effortless than ever. Here are a few simple ways you give back.

Donate clothes

Clothing donations are one of the easiest ways to give back to military families, and they’re beneficial to environment too! Nearly 99% of all clothing that is discarded in the United States can be reused or recycled, which in turns, reduces the amount of waste in landfills. Fabric such as cotton, polyester, and nylon make up nearly 5% of the waste found in landfills. While this may not seem like much, in the long run, it’s a burden, as many landfills are near or already filled to capacity. Many military charities offer donation pick up services, in which clothes and other donations can be picked up from the convenience of your home.

Donate healthy, non-perishable food items

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, families are stocking up on canned goods in anticipation of holiday feasts. Many grocery stores and other food retailers offer specials during this time of year, allowing families to prepare for the holidays without breaking the bank. Military families and veterans are no different. When stocking up on food items for the holidays, why not buy a few extra cans or boxes of vegetables, broth, gravy or stuffing to donate to your local charity. With the holiday season, also comes flu season, so be sure to stock up on canned soups for your home and your local military food bank. Again, there several organizations that help military families who will pick up food donations directly from your home.

Donate time

Many of us already struggle to balance hectic work and personal schedules, and may feel we do not have the time to volunteer. However, volunteering your time has been shown to be extremely beneficial to one’s health, and can reduce anxiety, depression, and improve one’s overall mental state. Even an hour every month can work wonders. Or, perhaps you’re recent college graduate, in between jobs, a stay at home parent, or a retiree. Volunteering is an excellent way to meet others in your community and unite under a common goal.

Remember that regardless of how you donate to organizations that help military families and veterans, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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