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Helping Your Community Through Donations to Purple Heart Charities and Veterans

October 23, 2014


Wounded veterans charities

Have you been neglecting your closet lately? If you haven’t cleaned it out in a while, there’s a good chance you have. Because clothing today is disposable in terms of quality, it’s easy for us to buy more than we need. As a result, when many people go to clean out their closets, they may end up throwing reusable clothing away in the trash. According to research, approximately 12 to 13 million tons of clothing and textiles wind up in landfills every year.

This problem is complicated by the fact that there are many people in the United States who don’t have adequate clothing for themselves and their families. Some of these individuals are veterans and their families, and those with small children are especially in need of clothing donations.

These families can be helped, however. Here are three reasons that you should consider helping military families by giving donations to Purple Heart charities:

    1. Helping wounded veterans: Many wounded veterans rely on donations to Purple Heart charities that can help them with basic needs. Giving donations of clothing is helpful because it provides veterans with outfits for work and casual wear. Some charities also use the contributions of gently used clothing donations to sell in secondhand shops, with proceeds going to veterans programs.

    2. Helping families in need: Donations to Purple Heart veterans can also help their families. Those who have children are especially in need of clothing donations because they will always need new items. Being able to help these military families reduce their expenses is very rewarding if you are looking for a way to help others.

    3. Helping the planet: By donating clothing, you can prevent more textiles and fabrics from winding up in the landfill. As much as 95% of clothing that winds up in the landfill can be salvaged, and what can’t be reused again is often recyclable. Clothing recycling is a big in the “green” movement because it can potentially reduce the amount of new fabric being created.

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