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Here are 3 Reasons to Donate Your Clothing to the American Red Cross

August 4, 2019


Americans enjoy donating to charity and have for years. It’s estimated that 70% of people in the United States give to charity each year. There are many options for donating to charity, and one that many choose is the American Red Cross. The American National Red Cross is the 13th largest U.S. charity as ranked by private donations. Red Cross donation centers can be found across the country, and are an ideal place to make clothing donations. In fact, there are many reasons to donate clothes to Red Cross and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Your Donations Will Help Those Affected By Natural Disasters: One reason to make Red Cross donations is because your used clothing donations will go to help those affected by natural disasters. The American Red Cross is well-known for helping disaster victims across the country, as they provide relief for families and communities in the form of blankets, food, blood, and shelter, as well as clothing donations where needed. Some families lose everything they have in these disasters, and these donations can help them begin to get back on their feet again.
  • Your Donation is Tax Deductible: Another reason to make Red Cross donations of your gently used clothing is because your donations are considered tax deductible. These donations can earn a tax deduction up to the full value of the items you’re donating. This can lead to a sizable donation if you’re making a large donation of valuable clothing items.
  • Donating Your Used Clothing Keeps Waste Out of the Landfill: And finally, a third reason to make Red Cross donations of your used clothing items is because doing so keeps unnecessary waste out of the landfill. Americans consume huge quantities of clothing every year, up to 20 billion in a single year alone. And according to the EPA, Americans through out ten pounds of clothing per person each year, which adds up quickly when you multiply that by the number of adults living in the country. By donating these used clothing items instead, you’ll be ensuring that that much less is sent to the landfill to go to waste. And that will help the environment in the long run, if less waste is sent to the landfill.

In conclusion, there are several reasons to donate your clothing to the American Red Cross. These reasons include helping those affected by natural disasters, making donations that are tax deductible, and keeping waste out of the landfill. These are just a few of the reasons to donate your used clothing to an important charity like the American Red Cross.

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