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4 Reasons Why Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping Well

August 5, 2019


Many parents agree there’s no feeling better than spending time with their children. However, becoming a new parent means dealing with a few problematic situations. Considering that, many new parents deal with the stress of a baby that isn’t sleeping well. This situation doesn’t only affect your baby, but it can cause almost everyone in your home to experience sleep issues. With that in mind, it’s helpful to learn about what causes babies to have trouble sleeping. Here are four reasons why your baby isn’t sleeping well.

  • Your Baby is Hungry

    It will take most children a year or two before they begin speaking. Therefore, babies have no way to communicate with their parents other than crying. Considering that, your baby might be telling you that it’s time to eat. Research shows that newborns need to eat once every two to three hours. A baby sleep coach will help ensure your new arrival has an optimal feeding and sleeping schedule.
  • No Sleep Routine is in Place

    Before having a baby, you likely went to sleep at a set time. As time goes on, going to sleep at a certain time becomes second nature. However, this isn’t as easy for babies. This is because, during their first two months, babies don’t have a circadian rhythm. In turn, they have difficulties differentiating between day and night. Considering that, you’ll need to train your baby to sleep at certain times. This helps your baby to develop a sleep routine.
  • The Temperature is Too Cold or Hot

    Most people find it difficult to sleep in a room that’s too hot or cold. This same situation applies when your baby is trying to sleep. If they are too hot or cold, babies have a difficult time going to sleep. Fortunately, you’ll find that a baby sleep trainer can help you with this situation.
  • Your Baby is Sick

    Every new parent spends time caring for their sick child. Unfortunately, being sick often affects how a baby sleeps. Sleep pattern disruptions are one of the first signs that your baby might be sick. If this is happening, get your baby to a doctor right away. After following the doctor’s orders, your baby’s sleep schedule should go back to normal.

In conclusion, many factors can cause a baby to experience trouble sleeping. Experts recommend that parents establish a bedtime routine for their babies when they reach the age of two to three months. However, many parents find it’s easier said than done to establish a bedtime routine. If you’re having a difficult time getting your new arrival to sleep, contact a baby sleep coach. This allows you to learn effective baby sleep training techniques. In turn, a baby sleep coach will help ensure that you and your child enjoy plenty of peaceful rest.

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