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Moving Can be a Challenge

August 4, 2019


You cannot catch a break. The old tenant in your new place left so much garbage and clearly had not dusted or vacuumed in so long that You nearly had an asthma attack just being in the place. In fact, you had to leave and get a last-minute hotel room for the night, and You are still wheezing. Just. Why.
You finally Texted the old tenant and he is going meet you in the morning to help get all his stuff to the curb before some cleaners You have hired show up tomorrow morning. You are literally just floored with this situation, even though you cannot see the actual floor of what is to be your new apartment.
In fact, looking over the space you see a mattress, actual garbage cans full of food trash, dust bunnies the size of live bunnies, empty totes, folded clean underwear and socks and shirts, bags of trash in a pile, random pots and pan lids, and a very ironic collection of cleaning sprays, a couple of crockpots. Literal garbage.

Professional Cleaning and Moving Companies Can Help with Many Important Transitions in Life

Have you ever faced a difficult moving experience? Have you ever been less than satisfied with the landlords that you have had to work with? Fortunately, with the help of the best local movers you can at least make sure that the moving process itself is easier to manage.

College Graduation Often Means Transitioning Into a New Apartment

Post grad life is scary with all of the changes, but you’ll conquer it like a pro if you rely on the skills and knowledge you have gained and the resources you have established. Like any recent grad, however, you have your spiel prepared and are ready to provide an update to friends, relatives, and potential employers when they ask what your plans are.

In fact, your post-graduation life update is one that you can now cite from memory. In May, you graduated with a degree in Arts Management and in two weeks, you will be moving back to your home town. You are going to be continuing your internship in the programming department with the local performing arts group, an opportunity that you absolutely love. There have been lots of shows presented by this group in your days so far, and you are very excited for the coming months of music and recording. You hate change but I you know that the ultimate goal is for this internship to help you find a higher paying career path and, although it may sound a little dramatic, you really are excited to see what this next chapter holds. You are more than thankful for the roommates you have spent the last two years with. They have become the family you did not know you needed, and helped you celebrate the victories you have experienced so far, as well as the disappointments that you have faced.

This move to a new apartment though has been a challenge. You worked with local movers for the transportation of your belongings, but the new apartment that you were looking forward to was not what you hope. Fortunately, after talking to the owner of the moving company the local movers were able to hold onto your items overnight and part way through the next day for a minimal charge. Hopefully this will allow you to get the new apartment in better shape and ready for you, your allergies, and your belongings.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the moving transitions that many Americans make:

  • 32.35 million people moved in the U.S. in 2018.
  • As many as 62% of movers in the year 2017 remained in the same county after their move.
  • 122,000 people were employed by the U.S. moving industry in 2018.
  • Accounting for 13.11% of moves, June was the busiest month for moving in 2018.
  • Represetning 35.1 million people, the average annual percent of Americans who move is 11.2%.

Local movers often provide some of the best and most affordable services. And while no one wants to show up at a new to them apartment and find a mess, with a local moving company you might get the extra time and help that you need. If you are in transition, local movers are an affordable, reliable option.

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