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Four Tips for Healthy Sleep Hygiene

January 9, 2018


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Sleep is important in American lifestyle, as Americans frequently get less sleep than the amount that is recommended. Americans, unsurprisingly perhaps, have a coffee habit that is more than any other country in the world possibly as a result. Between seven and nine hours of sleep per night are what’s generally recommended.

In the United States, 42% of adults usually get less than seven hours of sleep, falling short of the recommended amount.

There are many reasons Americans get a lack of sleep. One is the hectic work schedule in America that often requires people to work 10 hour days or even longer, which puts work into the late evenings, which may make it difficult for a person to fall asleep. Another reason is the other responsibilities that Americans have on their plate.

America has become more competitive for youths and for college admissions. Many kids have their schedules packed each day with activities that are designed to help them grow up in a competitive world. The parents then are charged with taking their kids to different activities.

Americans have busy schedules and the hustle and bustle can take a toll, not just on sleep but on the general health of Americans as well. On the whole, we are an incredibly unhealthy country with health detrimental habits such as eating out, eating fast food, eating junk and so forth. We also suffer from high rates of health related issues.

It makes sense then that Americans could benefit from a practice called sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene is a set of habits that enable people to fall asleep easier. There are a few standouts and here are three steps to follow that can help someone fall asleep at night, if they are restless.

First, it is important to eliminate all distractions before going to bed. That means shutting off the television about 30 minutes before going to sleep, not checking the phone if possible for at least 15 minutes before going to sleep, and dimming the lights to create a soothing effect.

Dimming the lights and shutting down the electronic devices help calm the mind and get it to stop moving quickly before going to sleep. The decreased stimulation will help an individual fall to sleep quicker in bed, without the tossing and turning that accompanies a mind that is active.

Second, it is important to have a soothing routine before going to sleep. That may mean taking a shower before going to bed. The hot water soothes the body, relaxes the muscles, and prepares it for sleep. Another option is drinking hot decaffeinated tea. Hot tea has the same effect as a shower. It calms the body and calms the mind.

There are other options as well. Some people like to exercise a couple of hours before going to sleep. This helps relieve the mind of stress at the end of the day. Putting a body through a rigorous workout can make it tired at the end of the day as well. There are many options for a good end of the night sleep routine.

There is another option as well. One of the larger influences in sleep hygiene is how someone feels in bed. If the bed covers cause too much heat, they can keep someone awake. If the bed covers are too thin and the person is too cold, they can keep someone awake. That’s where bed covers come into play, specifically organic bed covers.

  • 85% rated a comfortable feel of sheets and bedding as important to good sleep in the National Sleep Foundation?s Bedroom Poll.
  • If you’re looking for a durable linen, any percale from thread count 200 to 800 is recommended.
  • Newborns sleep a total of 10.5 to 18 hours a day.
  • If you’re looking for a durable linen, any percale from thread count 200 to 800 is recommended.

There are many terms associated with bed covers that are organic. Some of them are organic bed sheet, organic bed sheets, organic bedding, organic bedding products, organic bedding set, organic bedding sets, and more. There are all natural organic baby products as well. All natural organic baby products are pesticide free.

All natural organic baby products are healthier for a baby because they have no chemicals associated with them. All natural organic baby products are helpful to fall asleep.

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