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Four Reasons to Get a Self Storage Unit for Your Vehicle

January 4, 2018


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Should you consider getting a self storage unit? It?s not something a lot of us think about, but maybe we should. Whether you?re storing your boat, car, or recreational vehicle to protect it, or just need some extra room, self storage units might be the answer. Here are a few reasons to consider these storage solutions:

Storing Your Boat Protects It

The same goes for your car, motorcycle, or your recreational vehicle. With a self storage company, you avoid problems with rust or water damage that can happen to anything parked in your own driveway or on the street unused for long periods. You also won?t have to clean off whatever drops down from the trees, nor will there be any weather damage from storms.

In fact, some self storage warehouses will let you store your vehicles only when weather threatens. Running your boat down to the boat storage garage when a bad storm is forecasted also means that you won’t be paying to repair it later. Storing it whenever you don’t use it means no maintenance costs or damage repair for something you’ve left out for months during the off season.You can grab it and go when you want.

Storing Your Boat Gives You Peace of Mind

Do you worry if your boat, recreational vehicle or the motorcycle you?re leaving behind when you go on vacation is a target for thieves? Probably it is. Most high quality storage units will have electronic gates and regular security, meaning a good company can actually keep a better eye on your stuff than even you can.You?re also renting a space that?s private and personal, so you don?t have to worry that people are walking by your vehicle and thinking much they?d like to have it every time they see it.

Storage Companies are Safe and Reliable

The very thought of storing your boat or a beloved motorcycle might make you worry. If you?re wondering if the storage facility can even be trusted, consider that the United States currently has about 52,000 of these facilities employing about 172,000 people.

It?s a $22 billion a year industry, and one out of every ten America adults rents a storage facility. Self storage did not get to this point by being unreliable. The self storage companies are doing this kind of business precisely because the service they provide has been proven reliable.

Self Storage Frees Up Space

As our houses shrink and more people live in apartments and condos than ever before, we?ve got less space on the street, in the driveway, or in the yard than our grandparents probably did. One of the big benefits of self storage is that it frees up a lot of that space.

Even if you have a big yard, storing your boat or a huge recreational vehicle somewhere else secure when you?re not using it frees up your yard and driveway for the kids to play in or that block party. And if you don?t have a yard or driveway at all, this kind of storage allows you to get a boat or other vehicle in the first place.

Self storage is pretty convenient and can be well worth the costs. Look near you for a self storage facility that can offer safety and space while allowing you easy access to your belongings.

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