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7 Baby Shower Venues That May Surprise You

January 2, 2018


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When it comes to event planning, few events top baby showers for being full of joy. The problem is that, like most big events, it can be challenging to plan to the party itself. It may seem simple to look at different baby shower venues and pick the right one but it may not always be that easy. The good news is that there are fun and unusual places where you can throw your baby shower where everyone will have a great time. Here are a few options you may not have considered:

  1. Look at area eateries and restaurants. If there is a restaurant that has a lot of meaning, you should check there first. Otherwise, you should try to find local eateries that have larger rooms or perhaps private sections that can be rented. While many people do not think of these places as being natural baby shower event locations but they can be really great. If you are planning to include games and other baby shower type activities, you should make sure you can get some privacy for your event. This can be a great plan because when you decide to do these at restaurants, you know you have the food covered.
  2. Look into local tea rooms. If you have a tea room in your area, you may want to look into it. Tea rooms as baby shower venues can be great. This is especially true if the new mommy likes eating fun finger sandwiches while drinking tea from fancy cups. One thing these venues can do is remind women of the childhood tea parties they threw for their dolls and stuffed animals.
  3. Look at local community centers. In many cities and localities, the community center in town is housed in a historical building that has a lot of space. These can also be more cost effective baby shower venues and can have a lot of the things you will need. You know there will be good parking and they can help you if you want to have your shin dig inside or outside.
  4. Check out area hotels. If you have a number of people who are coming to town to attend your baby shower, having it at the hotel where they are staying will make it convenient for them. When you are looking at hotels for baby shower venues, you can look at ballrooms, guests houses or suites. These will offer you the space you need, catering should be available on site and you can have someone else take care of the mess.
  5. Look into religious buildings. Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Jew or Buddhist, you may be able to find good baby shower venues in these religious buildings. It helps if you or the new mommy is an active member. Some give their space for things like this for free and others do charge. At the end of the day, you will pat less for the baby shower venue rental. These are often considered to be some of the cheap baby shower locations. Do not let that dissuade you, they can also be very nice.
  6. Thinks about parks. If you live in a city or town with a lot of outdoor parks, they may make for fun baby shower venues for you. If you want to make your baby shower one where you grill food, a park may be the perfect place. Make sure the weather has the opportunity to cooperate. For example, if you are having your baby shower in December in Duluth, Minnesota, you should not think about an outdoor venue.
  7. Try a home. If you are looking for a cozy and personal space for your baby shower, a home may be the best venue for your party. There are some good things about this option. It will be a less expensive option but there may be drawbacks. Make sure the home that is selected has enough parking. You also need to make sure it has enough space to accommodate everyone in your group.

Planning a baby shower can be challenging and difficult. Looking at baby shower venues is one of the most important details to nail down. With some planning, you can find the right spot.

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