Follow This Process For Easy Window Replacements

September 26, 2022


The process of replacing windows could appear challenging at first, but it will become less complicated if you follow the procedures outlined in this video. You must have every instrument at your disposal before beginning the process of window replacements. The tools you need include a crowbar, a level, foam insulation, window cover, screw gum, hammer, nails, felt paper, and screws.

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Most should be available at your local hardware store.
Remove the current window and clean the casing properly. Adjust the frame as necessary so that the rivets are equal and level. Leave a space on all edges measuring a quarter of an inch for any adjustments or insulation that may be necessary for the future. Start applying the window wrap on the bottom of the replacement using the window wrap, working your way up.
Install the new window from the home’s exterior, taking care to align it to be at the same elevation as the framework. Install the window by screwing it into position, ensuring that it is anchored into a sturdy piece of wood at all times. For optimal protection against moisture, apply a second layer of window wrap, ensuring that it aligns properly and is at the same height as the frame.

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