DIY Roofing Repair Tips for Replacing Shingles

September 23, 2022


Having a waterproof roof is essential for any home. Not only is it crucial to keep your family safe and dry, but issues that start as small leaks can lead to much larger concerns such as rot or water damage if ignored for too long. While major roofing repair tasks should likely be left to professionals, smaller fixes can be made yourself if you know how to tackle them. Use these DIY tips to replace shingles and save some money and time by avoiding a costly service appointment.

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The first step is to perform a visual inspection of the entire roof. This will help you take stock of the damage and locate areas that need your attention. Once you’ve found a shingle to replace, use a flat blade and a hammer to loosen all of the surrounding shingles. Then, check under the loose shingles to determine how they were fastened in place. For example, the roofer might have used staples. Now you can slide the new shingle into its spot. A layer of tar at the top of the shingle will soften when exposed to heat, which will help to bind it securely and prevent it from moving.

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