What a Plumber Does During Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

September 30, 2022


Homes are comprised of several different systems that homeowners use daily. One of the most vital ones is the drain system. Drains are often neglected because they function properly most of the time. But when they start producing odors or water doesn’t drain, homeowners need to call emergency drain cleaning services. What do these services do to help homeowners?
According to the narrator in the video, when homeowners have a main drain blockage between their house and the city, the one-way or two-way clean-out will be filled with water.

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Homeowners can also have tubs or toilet bowls filled with sewage water. If a homeowner removes the clean-out plug, pressure will build up, shooting the sewage water into their house. The better option is to hire a plumber to come in and unscrew the cap and slowly release the pressure to prevent the sewage water from shooting up inside the house.
Homeowners can also have stop-ups known as arms in their kitchen drain lines. This is when soaps and greases combine and congeal, creating blockages in the sewer line. When homeowners call an emergency plumber for such an issue, the plumber will use a microbial drain treatment solution to break up the congealed waste and unblock the line.

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