If Your Family is Bored Try These Activities for Tweens at Home and In Your Community

September 22, 2022


Parenting during the pre-adolescent stage is a complex process that requires care and consideration. Between the ages of 8 and 12, many kids go through a myriad of physical, emotional, and cognitive changes. It is a critical developmental stage that sees your child begin that crucial journey out of childhood. The pre-teen phase is confusing for most children, and parents must be especially cautious when navigating through this transition.

Note that your child has evolved from that little bundle of joy that used to follow you around everywhere to a free-thinking human being with needs and preferences. This is a period where they need support as they enter the tumultuous adolescent stage. The term “tween” refers to pre-adolescence. It defines kids aged between 8 and 12 years old. Note that children develop differently. Some may begin showing adolescent development as early as eight years and others much later.

Tweens exhibit several odd behaviors as their hormones begin to develop. You may notice an increase in risk-taking and rebellion. They also lose interest in activities they were fond of or show signs of emotional turmoil. They suddenly feel a need to fit in or become conscious of physical appearance. All these are subtle signs that your child is at the pre-adolescent stage. This is a vulnerable time for most kids, and parents must ensure there is a receptive and structured approach to facilitating an effective support system. Here are some activities for tweens at home that will help your child ease through the transition and increase their sense of self-worth.

Let Them Redesign Their Bedroom

The pre-adolescent stage is where your child begins to develop and show character. This is where their childhood likes and dislikes get replaced by new hobbies and a new lease on life. They begin to show interest in sports, makeup and notice changes in their bodies. Most children in the prepubescent stage become self-conscious and withdrawn. This means they will spend most of their time in their bedroom as they come to terms with these changes. Your child’s bedroom is their haven, an oasis where they can retreat and come to terms with evolving times. The best way to ensure that this space facilitates peace of mind is to involve your tween in the decoration process. Allow them to bring in new ideas and preferences to give the area a more personal feel.

Note that your kids’ personalities grow as they age. This space needs to input their design choices. Note that you are only operating as a design coach. Your work is to facilitate an environment that allows your child to make the space their own and establish a retreat. The hardest part is letting go of the idea that your kid is now grown. Allowing them to redesign their room without interference is the best way to give them a sense of responsibility and ownership. You can oversee the custom closet design and help to move the furniture around. The idea is not to impose your ideas. Let them have a little fun decorating this personal space.

Take a Dance Class or Explore the Performing Arts

Prepubescence is a critical development stage that requires a lot of physical and mental activity. Performing arts are one of the best ways to channel this energy into constructive practice. Dancing has several benefits to tweens, including body awareness and physical confidence. It helps strengthen the bones and improves posture. This practice is excellent for your child’s lungs and heart and increases mental and emotional health. It is a way to increase strength and flexibility and develop stamina. It gives pre-adolescents a way to channel their energy and increase self-confidence.

Dancing is also a great way to improve cognitive function by stimulating brain activity. It builds essential life skills, increases temperament, and enables kids to maintain lasting friendships. It builds awareness and helps to build a sense of accomplishment. Your child will master a unique skill set and achieve set goals. Performing arts are a specific science that will allow your child to stand out and gain recognition. It brings people together and facilitates a system of appreciation and respect.

According to a recent publication by the Havard Medical School, dancing increases the production of serotonin–a feel-good hormone. It boosts memory, reduces stress, and helps develop new neural connections. The Albert Einstein College of Medicine supports these findings and adds that performing arts minimize the risk of dementia by up to 80%. Ballroom dancing also increases brain function and structure in people of all ages.

Adopt a Furry Friend

Pets are an excellent way to give pre-adolescent teens a sense of purpose. This is a turbulent period for most parents and is the stage where most kids develop psychological and emotional issues. Most teens become private and secluded and become more aware of the environment. They struggle to make friends and find their place in the world. A furry friend helps tweens establish and maintain coping skills. They function better and learn to take responsibility for others. Pets help teens improve their social skills and encourage them to build friendships and increase interactions.

Regular visits to a vet also teach them the value of responsibility and caring for others. Pets are easier to get along with because they constantly demand attention. Having a furry friend builds empathy, reduces stress, and eliminates feelings of anxiety. According to the Center for Disease Control, kids who grow up with pets show decreased signs of elevated blood pressure and better cognitive function. Taking care of a pet helps battle depression and improves the ability of teens to build companionships. This practice helps increase self-esteem and makes kids less introverted.

Make Your Yard a Place to Play

Most kids in the pre-adolescent stage become introverted and private. They limit interactions with the outside world as they are confused with their emotional, mental, and physical changes. Encouraging them to play outside is an effective way to help them battle their demons and improve interactions. Making your yard a safe and inviting space is the best way to expand their horizon and give them a sense of belonging. As one of the most effective activities for teens, this process helps build character and confidence.

According to the Child Mind Institute, playing outside promotes creativity and enhances imagination. It takes a tween’s attention away from video games, boosts cognitive function, and increases physical activity. Giving your kids a safe environment to play creates a sense of wonder and makes them appreciate the great outdoors. It strengthens their reflexes and gives them a unique human experience. You can encourage your kids to love nature by involving them in yard maintenance practices such as mowing the lawn and tree trimming. These processes facilitate a fascination that creates feelings of pleasure and purpose. These fun activities for tweens at home will make them more approachable.

Join a Team or Try Some Athletics

Team sports are about more than just improving physical fitness. Enrolling your tween in a team means maintaining a commitment to a game and learning the virtue of collective responsibility. It is about sticking your neck out for your team, learning organization, and developing communication skills. It teaches leadership and emphasizes the role of each individual in problem-solving and decision-making. It is also a way to appreciate other people’s efforts in team success. Team sports also enable kids to test their limits and establish new strengths. It is a life-changing process that helps tweens to tackle the world with discipline and humility.

Athletics and a gymnastics class for teens promote strong bones, improve cognitive function and help develop unique physical skills. According to First Cry Parenting, these exercises build mind and body coordination and discipline. They are a fun way for kids to make new friends and create lasting memories. They also facilitate leadership development and improve communication skills. Team sports are crucial activities for tweens to find their place in the world and lay a foundation for sportsmanship.

Make a Meal Together

Many pre-adolescent teens have very little interest in what happens in the kitchen. Occasionally inviting them to make a meal with you is an excellent way to integrate them into healthy living. It piques their interest and gives them a sneak preview of how to fend for themselves. This is also a great way to spend quality time with your tweens and improve social connections. It is a way to build self-confidence by allowing them to shop for groceries and prep meals without assistance. It enables them to understand the value of giving back and helping out around the house. They can come up with a new menu of their own and perhaps take a liking to cook. Teens pick up new hobbies quite quickly, so it is an excellent idea to let them expand their

knowledge. Teaching self-sufficiency is one of the pocket-friendly activities for tweens at home you can try out.

Give a Room a Makeover

Involving your tween in home improvement and renovation processes is an excellent way to make them feel appreciated. Whether it is moving furniture or home painting, this practice allows you to establish a lasting bond with your child and builds their character. It exposes them to various creative and essential skills they can use in the future and helps increase self-esteem. Home improvement is a way to grow closer to your children and make them part of the decision-making process. It provides a feeling of love and appreciation and teaches them the value of teamwork. It shows them how to work with others and consider opinions different from theirs. Kids can learn technical skills and develop crucial strengths in various areas. It also teaches task management and effectiveness in different areas. Renovation is one of the fun activities for tweens at home that gives immediate results.

Install a Pool for Summer Fun

A swimming pool may seem like an enormous expense, but it is an investment that will make a huge difference. A pool provides a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. It also allows you and the kids to spend quality time in the summer. Having a pool in your backyard will enable your tween to be more social and make new friends. They can invite their friends over and spend more time outdoors. Swimming improves health, develops endurance, and is a low-impact workout for your kids. It also helps improve emotional and mental health. A swimming pool is also safer and easy to maintain. You can shop for pool supplies at any local convenience store.

Go on a Camping Adventure

The primary focus is to help your tweens appreciate the great outdoors. Camping exposes your kids to the elements and provides the perfect opportunity to bond and know each other better. It is a therapeutic process that distracts you from the stresses of everyday life and allows you to experience life’s few pleasures away from the bothers of civilization. It helps develops new skills and enables teens to enjoy life outside their rooms. It facilitates an excellent way to establish a sense of adventure and a profound appreciation for nature. Kids learn to work as a team and contribute to family welfare. It is a way to teach them how to be self-sufficient and learn how to find happiness in nature. With a professional motorhome mechanic, you can set off on an adventure with your kids and help them develop character.

Learn a New Card Game

Card and board games are great for your kids to achieve mental acuity. These games teach strategy and math skills and are an excellent way to improve their communication. They are also cheap, which makes them an excellent resource for supporting and improving development techniques. Your kids can expand their problem-solving skills and impulse control and keep their minds active. They also improve patience and boost memory. Undergoing a bridge lesson will help your tweens increase their academic skills.

Pre-adolescence is a tumultuous and confusing time for many kids. They go through a series of complex changes and require a helping hand to assist their transition into their teens. Ensuring they have activities that improve their development skills and build character is a critical responsibility for parents. These activities for tweens at home provide a summary of practices that will help them become responsible teenagers and adults.

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