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5 Beloved Themes for Home Decor

August 14, 2015


Nautical home decorations

A home is like a blank canvas for the owner to write on in any way they see fit. Unfortunately, only one out of every five Americans are actually happy with their homes with around 14% even feeling gloomy when at home. Thankfully, homeowners have more options than ever to create room themes that fit their personalities and style. The home decor market has reached an all-time high in 2012 with approximately $80 billion dollars in revenue, meaning that more homeowners than ever are personalizing their abodes. These are our five favorite decor themes.

Hardwood floors, wood trim, and neutral or earthen colors bring any room out into the country. Country decor is meant to be simple and clean, yet charming and rustic at the same time. Kitchens and dens are the most common rooms paired with a country-style decor, as it tends to convey a welcoming, reminiscent feeling in guests.

Bold, abstract, and defined are the adjectives most often used for a modern style. Whites and blacks emphasize a presence of space with other colors used sparingly offer some interest. Modern design is intended to be crisp and clean-looking; it is often used in small apartments to make the limited amount of space seem much bigger thanks to the simple color pallet.

Tall ceilings, antiques, and fireplaces can all come together in a Renaissance or Victorian-style room. Exquisitely detailed and appreciated around the globe, such rooms speak luxury and refinement. Although a popular choice, classical rooms are rarely used in residences due to their high-cost from detail work, although hybrid styles have been known to borrow aspects of classical architecture.

More and more people are turning to a whimsy for home decor. Fairy gardens, bird baths, and other outdoor fixtures are the most pure expression of the whimsical style, which opts to bring the outdoors inside. Children and adults alike can find wonder in the world: this is the philosophy of the whimsical.

A personal favorite of mine complete with porthole clock, mermaid, and diving helmet is the nautical home decor. Nautical home decorations come in a variety of styles from various periods and countries to create the underwater theme you’re looking for. Many homeowners who live near beaches, rivers, or lakes tend to use nautical home decorations all over the house while some confine it exclusively to a bathroom or den. If you feel the mysterious call of the waves, it may be because nautical home decorations are calling to you!

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