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Wondering Where to Donate Household Items? Here Are Three Charity Organizations That Need Your Help

April 22, 2015


Donations that pick up at home

You probably know that you can donate their old clothing to charity through clothing donation pick ups and at drop boxes, and at some point or another you have likely participated in a charity effort to collect canned goods and other long-lasting food items. But did you know that you can also donate other household goods to charity to help make a difference in the lives of others?

Plenty of charity organizations will accept items such as furniture, small appliances, electronics, and even children’s toys. If you’re wondering where to donate household items like these, here are three different types of organizations that may need your help.


Today there are thousands of people who depend upon assistance just to have a roof over their heads. Some of these centers are temporary, offering emergency housing to adults and children escaping dangerous situations. No matter how others are being helped, these organizations often rely on donations in order to keep operating. Make sure to ask a local shelter if they could use your household goods.

Thrift Stores

If there aren’t any organizations with an immediate need for your old household items, you may be able to give them to a charity that will sell them for cheap. Thrift stores are one of the most common places for where to donate household items because they provide goods for families and individuals with limited income. Make sure to contact these organizations to find out whether you can drop off your household items or have them picked up at your door.

Eco-Friendly Charities

Many charities today not only have a commitment to helping families in need — they also want to make the planet a better place. If you know of any green charities in your area that will find the best possible use for your discarded items, make sure to give them a call for a donation pick up service. They may be able to “upcycle” old items to find a different purpose for them, and others will recycle items and turn them into something new. Plus donating helps to keep household goods out of the landfill, so you’re also helping the planet when you give to charity.

These are only a few examples of the organizations that need your help. Make sure to find out who needs assistance locally and reach out to them first. Have more questions about where to donate household items? Leave us a comment.

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