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Why You Should Change Your Mattress

April 1, 2015


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Are you trying to get a better night’s sleep? Have you been doing all the right things, but still waking up and still feeling groggy or tired? If that’s the case, know that yours isn’t a singular case. Per a report from The American Sleep Foundation, 2/3 of Americans have the same problem you do–they don’t get the right kind of sleep that leaves them feeling refreshed and ready for the day when they wake up in the morning. There are numerous positive benefits to getting a good night’s sleep, from things as small as improving memory to major impacts, like living longer. Additionally, what you sleep on may have more of an effect on how you sleep than you think. A sleep system bed and adjustable beds can be more beneficial to certain people than the regular flat mattress.
What’s Wrong With My Old Mattress?
Sleeping on a flat mattress (one that is horizontal) can create bad posture or cramped positions, which you feel when you wake up. Ever had the feeling that you “slept wrong” upon getting up? That may be attributed to your mattress and the way you slept on it. Flat mattresses also don’t support the natural S-curve that your back follows, which a sleep system bed tends to support in its design. It’s important to find a mattress that supports your body; the American Chiropractic Association reports that just the act of sleeping puts about 50 pounds of weight on just your spine.
How is My Mattress Affecting My Sleep?
One significant way your mattress may be causing you pain is by giving you chronic pain. If you’ve been waking up stiff or with back or neck pain, and don’t know why, perhaps you should take another look at your mattress. The National Sleep Foundation reports that about 15% of the population has chronic pain from sleeping the wrong way. If you have back or neck pain, TMJ, or headaches, these can all prevent you from falling asleep or getting a full night’s sleep, as you’re moving around regularly to keep pressure off those areas.
How Can I Get a Better Night’s Sleep?
First and foremost, check out the kind of bed you’re using. A sleep system bed or other kind of adjustable bed may work much better for you than a generic flat mattress. They come in all sizes–from adjustable double beds to king size adjustable beds–so you can definitely find one that will fit your needs. What an adjustable bed does is adjust the angle of the bed so that you can sit or sleep in the most comfortable position. The angle gives areas of your body like your head, neck, shoulders, and thighs some relief from any pressure exerted. You can also get memory foam or other extra padding to boost your comfort level.
If none of these methods help, you can always go see your doctor or get a sleep test done. However, for most people, taking advantage of these ideas can probably remedy your situation.

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