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Three Surprising Ways That You Can Donate Clothes to Charity

March 31, 2015


Clothing donations

Many people know about the reasons to donate clothes to charity, but not everyone knows how to do this. However, there are more ways than simple drop offs and pick ups to and from local charities that make donating clothing easy. Best of all, they don’t even require much effort from donors beyond a simple home pick up or a drop off to a local organization.

Here are three unique solutions you can consider the next time you need to donate clothes to charity:

  • Donating at a marathon: Runners can participate in marathons or other races any season of the year, and sometimes those events take place in the bitter cold and rain. During these races, runners may show up in several layers of clothing, but they’ll need to discard the extra layers once they take off running. A great way to help charities if you’re a runner is to look for events where you can donate before the race begins. This way you can stay warm in the minutes leading up to the race, and you won’t have to worry about handing off garments to friends or family members either.
  • Donating to a “store”: For some kids and teens who grow up disadvantaged, they may feel like they are set apart from their peers, especially if they have to rely on charity. Some charities aim to make relying on gently used clothing donations feel just like going shopping, and they allow young people to “shop” for donations on their own. Some of these stores also exist for specific reasons, such as collecting prom dresses and tuxedos for high school juniors and seniors. If you have any formal wear collecting dust, considering giving to one of these charities.
  • Giving to charity organizations that employ veterans: There are plenty of clothing donation charity foundations that benefit veterans and military families. However, there are just a few that go a step further and employ veterans, too. Veterans may work in thrift stores, pick up clothing donations, or help to solicit homeowners to donate clothes.

Need more great ideas for donating clothing to charity? Add your suggestions to the comments section.

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