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Why Old School Is Sometimes Better Amish Furniture

August 18, 2015


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For many years, Amish made products have been the byword for quality furniture, buildings, and designs. From barns and garages to chairs, tables, cupboards, and more, Amish design is sought after and well worth the money. For one thing, all Amish furniture–indeed, all Amish products–are handmade. This means you’re not paying for a cheap, factory made product, but instead for something that was lovingly handcrafted and made to last. Additionally, they use quality materials–most furniture is made out of 100% wood. No synthetics for your furniture! Even better, with the digital age, you can now search for some Amish built sheds online or your dream bowback chair.
Okay, But Really. Why Is Amish Furniture So Great?
Keeping It Local
You know that push to keep businesses local and to support your small businesses? By purchasing Amish made products, you’re doing both those things! Everything made by the Amish is homemade and made by the people in the community. By purchasing their handmade furniture or employing them to help raise a barn or a shed, you help employ them as well. And you want to talk small business? This is the definition of small! In 2005, Amish furniture manufacturers reported that they employed an average of four employees.
A High Quality Product
They’re not skimping on your product–a study found in 2007 that the average time spent working in the shop was almost 43 hours a week. Your product will be made with great care and come speedily, without sacrificing the craftsmanship. Amish made products hearken back to America’s older days, with their materials coming from American hardwoods and their craft coming from generations before. There will always be something a little unique about your product–the benefit of a handmade product! Extra bonus: if your purchased product needs repair, you can often find the craftsman who made it in the first place to repair it! Their furniture is long lasting and makes for a great family heirloom!
What Do They Typically Make?
The most common products you’ll see come out of Amish shops tend to be farm machinery, storage barns, furniture (like cabinetry, chairs, etc.), hydraulic equipment, sheds, and more. In a survey of Amish furniture manufacturers, 80% said they craft furniture for homes, under 40% made office furniture, and about 6% did contract furniture or furniture for institutions.
Where Should I Look For Amish Made Products?
You may be surprised to know that you can find many Amish made products online. For example, if you type in “Amish sheds online” or “Amish built sheds online,” you’re sure to get a good number of hits. Some may offer shipping for an extra fee.
If you’re lucky enough to live close to an Amish community, they often sell their products in local stores, like hardware stores, furniture stores, or garden centers. You may even be able to buy directly from the craftsman himself in some cases, or get in touch with them about a more in depth project like building a barn, garage, or shed.
If you’re looking for a well made piece of furniture or a sturdy building, consider purchasing from the Amish. You can’t get better quality or craftsmanship for your money.

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