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7 Exotic Escapes for Your Remote Control

August 26, 2015


Toshiba remote control replacement

Of all the annoying, terrible, horrible things that can happen to you on a daily basis, what would rank among the worst? That’s right, losing television remote controls. It’s like you have been thrust unwillingly back to the Stone Age, when people had to get up out of their soft comfy thrones not only to turn the television on and off, but also to simply adjust the volume or change the channel! The horror. Luckily, it is easy and cheap enough to get replacement remotes for TVs, and there is also the added bonus of all in one remote controls to replace the multitude of original remote controls you have for different appliances and devices in your home. But before you rush out to buy any replacement remotes for TVs or other machines, check these possible hiding places.

Where, oh, where could my precious remote be?

  • The Throne (no, not that one, but you could try there too)
    The “Global Remote Control Trends Study” conducted by Logitech suggests that you just dig around a little. There is about a 50% chance that the remote slipped down into the couch and is wedged somewhere between cushions. A good place to start looking, as well as behind or under the couch or nearby furniture.
  • On the go
    If the normal couch region doesn’t turn anything up, check a bag. Some people reported finding a missing remote control when they opened up their bags in the middle of class or in the locker room at the gym. Maybe your subconscious is telling you that you want some more entertainment during these periods of working out your body and brain.
  • Hungry? Try chilled remote
    After surveying multiple people about the location their missing remote finally makes an appearance, 4% responded saying that it turned up in the freezer or fridge. Snacking and TV do go hand in hand.
  • Meow? Woof?
    Pet owners seem to find that when the remote goes missing, their best bet is to check their furry friend’s favorite hangouts. Maybe Rufus or Mittens wanted some screen time too, or maybe they’re telling you to pay more attention to them.
  • The great outdoors
    Another 2% of respondents to the survey claimed to have found their runaway remote outside or even out in their car. Are you that afraid to part with your favorite show? Or is it your subconscious again, trying to draw you into the sunshine for some fresh air? Or maybe the car and TV are in cahoots and the age of machines is dawning.
  • Up, up, and…?
    In the same vein as the car hiding place, some have claimed to find their missing remotes all the way up on the roof! Fixing the antenna perhaps? Or a daredevil’s sleep walk?
  • Back to the beginning
    So your remote is in none of these weird locations. What about… no, it couldn’t be. Did you check where it’s supposed to be? You know, that place that exists just to hold the remote, but is always empty because the remote is always either in your hand or in the cushions or on the roof? Could it be possible that you actually put it away?!

Chances are you don’t need replacement remotes for TV or other devices. And if you do, just know that as soon as you buy, the old one will turn up, possibly right where it was supposed to be.

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