What Are Electricians

May 24, 2022


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Electricians are integral parts of modern life. They handle a variety of responsibilities and work in an assortment of environments – some residential and some commercial. This video explains what an electrician does.

Electrical work has multiple facets, and electricians can be specialized in commercial or residential electrical installations. They’re responsible for assigning electrical systems in commercial buildings and homes. This includes warehouses, data centers, and industrial factories, among many others.

On a day-to-day basis, an electrician’s day can look very different. They make help map out electrical outlets, fuse boards, and other electrical elements in a building project. They also may be routing the wiring to the various electrical installations in a building or home.

They will also install the electrical equipment that helps with reading and controlling power output. Electricians may simply do maintenance and repair work on existing electrical infrastructure, too. They will conduct regular inspections of electrical systems to prevent issues and catch problems early.

Some electricians specialize in a certain field, such as residential, while others will cover multiple fields. An electrician may be specialized in communication technology, like computers, but not an expert in the cabling to set up the servers. They’re two separate specialties.

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