Installing Insulated Garage Doors

May 24, 2022


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Insulated garage doors are a great option for people who live in areas with extreme temperatures; whether it gets very hot or very cold, insulation will maintain and even improve your home’s energy efficiency. This video explains how contractors install an insulated garage door.

The garage doors are made out of steel on the outside and polyurethane in the middle. Steel and polyurethane are two materials that provide excellent durability and insulation. There are also double weather seals in between the panels and where the door meets the ground to ensure there are no gaps.

Once the old garage door is removed and the rail system is installed, the contractors install the door panel by panel. The door is fitted with nylon rollers that pop right into the rail system. After everything is put into place, the rail system is aligned and the tension bearings are attached.

The contractors are also updating the garage door opener. They use a belt-fed system instead of one that utilizes a chain. The belt-fed system is much quieter and requires a lot less maintenance throughout its life.

For more information on insulated garage door insulation, be sure to check out the video in the link above.

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