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Top Five Questions About Purchasing, Owning And Using A Golf Cart

March 19, 2017


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Thinking of buying a golf cart? It pays to go to a trusted golf cart dealer. These convenient and pocket-sized vehicles aren’t used just for traversing the smooth green of a golf course — they’re wildly popular for all sorts of different establishments, from retirement homes to motels. Golf carts sales have been increasing bit by bit over the years as people become more environmentally conscientious. If you’re looking to buy a golf cart but aren’t sure which model will fit your lifestyle the best, take a look at the top five most commonly asked questions below before you pull out your wallet.

What Do People Use Golf Carts For?

Golf carts are highly popular for their easy-to-use design, comfortable seats and versatility in everyday life. The Villages in Florida, a retirement community of well over 70,000 people, is known for its extensive golf cart trail system — it’s estimated at 100 miles and allows golf carts not just within, but outside on its many streets. Used golf carts can save you money without sacrificing quality, especially if you go to a trustworthy golf cart dealership.

What Size Golf Cart Is Best?

It’s important to ask what you’ll be using your golf cart for as well as for whom, as that’ll determine the size that’ll serve you best over the years you own it. Golf cart cargo box capacity averages at around 370 pounds, though this can vary significantly by model. The average golf cart is at around four feet wide by eight feet long and six feet high, though you may find some a little bigger depending on which golf cart dealer you visit.

How Fast Are Golf Carts?

Golf carts are designed to be the ultimate go-between. It’s faster than walking, but doesn’t quite match up to the speed of a car or truck. Most golf carts are powered by 4-stroke engines and can reach up to 20 miles per hour — this especially holds true if the golf cars are modified after original manufacturers so they can achieve their full potential. Keep in mind the average lief of a single golf cart battery will last for two to three days, generally less time than a tank of gasoline.

Can Teenagers Drive A Golf Cart?

One of golf carts’ biggest appeal is how easily they can be driven around. The minimum age to drive a golf cart is 13 in Georgia, Alabama, California, Kansas, Florida, Rhode Island and Kentucky. Other states require a driver be at least 14 or 15 years of age. While it also varies by state or district, the typical golf cart can operate on streets where the posted speed limit is 35 miles per hour. It never hurts to double-check so you can use your vehicle with confidence!

How Many Passengers Can A Golf Cart Carry?

Last, but not least — how many people can use a golf cart at one time? After all, you may be using it to transport friends across a field or help someone get a ride from retirement community to the downtown area. Golf carts can carry anywhere from two to 10 passengers depending on the size and prices can range as low as $3,000 to $30,000. Golf cart cargo box capacity, to boot, averages at around 370 pounds. Be sure to check the limitations of your vehicle before you head out so you don’t have any accidents! If you have more questions, it doesn’t hurt to meet up with your local golf cart dealer so you can be well on your way to driving the cart of your dreams.

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