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Advantages of Using a Real Estate Agent to Purchase a New Home

March 13, 2017


Real estate market

The housing market is better than ever. Prices have increased from hundreds of thousands of homes being under water. Home sellers are getting more fair prices for their money today and are finding that there are more and more qualified buyers available. If you are considering buying a home, now is the time to do so. Eventually, the home prices will increase even more. Get in now, while you can still get great deals on homes and purchase something before home prices jump significantly in prices. Contact your local real estate agent for the best buying process.

They will walk you through the buying process
The home buying process can be confusing and at times, overwhelming. There are a lot of important steps. If you miss or skip a step, it can affect your ability to purchase a house. A good real estate professional can walk you through the necessary steps in buying a house. They can point you in the direction of a lender. Then, they will show you available houses on the market. From there, they will take care of negotiations and contracts, all the way up to closing on the house.

They will provide you with more for sale houses
The real estate market buying ability has changed over the last few years, mostly thanks to technology. You can now view houses for sale on your own with a quick internet search. Although this can be helpful in your initial search, it is not ideal for narrowing down your options or for finding a house that matches your criteria perfectly. Also, many of the houses listed on free internet sites are not updated frequently, leaving you with already sold houses.

Approximately 78% of recent buyers found their real estate agent to be a very useful information source. Online websites were seen as a very useful information source as well, at 82%. Improve your information by combining both helpful sources. Even when it comes time for selling your home, you will find that your agent is already familiar with the current and local market.

They will use their strong negotiation skills
Real estate agents are trained with strong negotiation skills. They may use skills in selling your home or in helping you purchase the home of your dreams. Negotiation skills are important when it comes to landing on an agreement of house price and terms. They may negotiate down the price to better fit your financial needs. They may also use their negotiation skills to get you assistance with closing costs or your down payment. Sometimes specific features of the home will also be negotiated during this process.

They will be there for any unique concerns
Every house buying process is different. There are all types of problems that can arise in the home buying process. A house inspection can fail, leaving the buyers questioning their intentions to buy. You can come across unknown deeds on the home when selling your home. You also might find that a buyer is unwilling to provide you with necessary buying information.

A real estate professional is a crucial part of the buying process, standing by your side for when these unique situations come up. With most recent buyers who purchased new homes looking to avoid renovations and problems with plumbing or electricity at 34%, most buyers do not want to move into a house that has severe problems. On the other hand, buyers who purchased previously owned houses were most often considering a better price at 32%. However, in both cases, buyers want something that is safe and secure to move into.

Whether you are buying or selling your home, a professional real estate agent is necessary. About 32% of people looking to buy homes are first time home buyers. They will provide necessary consultation and a thorough walk through of the entire buying process. They will also provide you with an updated list of houses listed for sale, improving your chances for finding the perfect house. They will also be an important part of the negotiation process, identifying unique and troublesome problems with a house.

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