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Tired of Your Roommates? Move Into a One Bedroom on Your Own

March 7, 2014


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After college, many young adults will choose to move in with friends when they move to a big city and start their careers. While some will do so simply because they can’t afford a place of their own, others will simply hope to carry on living the college life, even after they’ve graduated. Either way, eventually, arguing over whose turn it is to do the dishes and having to wait for the bathroom every morning can get old. When that happens, moving into one bedroom apartment rentals might be the best option. Though some are hesitant to live on their own, there are actually several benefits to living alone in one bedroom apartments.

The Mess is Yours

Living with messy roommates will not only mean that it is hard to keep your place clean, but it could be quite stressful walking in the door and seeing a new mess every day. By living alone, you’ll at least know that the mess is yours and you won’t have to deal with new surprises in the living room, kitchen, or, ugh, bathroom.

Peace and Quiet

Sharing 3 bedroom apartments with a couple of friends probably means that you’ll never have to be bored on a Friday night, which can be nice if you move to a new place. However, it also likely means that you’ll have to deal with a lot of noise that you don’t want to hear. Roommates’ music, TV shows, snoring, and other noises can all be a nuisance and make it hard to relax.

Nobody Stealing Your Food

There are few things more irritating than opening the fridge to grab last night’s leftovers and not finding them. Unfortunately, when you live with roommates, things like leftovers, milk, and most everything else have a way of disappearing. By living independently in one bedroom apartment rentals, food thieves aren’t a concern.

Complete Control

When you live alone, you’ll have the only voice that matters when it comes to certain issues. Everything from design ideas to who gets to use amenities in apartments and when can be problematic when multiple people have their own goals. In one bedroom apartment rentals, you can do virtually everything you want to do and not have to worry about arguing or bugging roommates.

Trying to find a rental property that is yours alone within your budget when you get tired of living with roommates can be a bit challenging, especially if you are unsure of what you can actually afford. But if you get a great new place, you’ll likely find that living on your own, though a bit intimidating at first, can be quite enjoyable. Visit here for more.

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