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Camping With Toddlers Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

March 7, 2014


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Are you thinking about going camping with toddlers? An average of 43 million Americans go camping in any given year, according to the Outdoor Foundation. Even the most nature-loving parents, however, hesitate to go camping with young children. Experts agree that it is fairly safe to reconsider. The Travel Channel puts it plainly, “If you enjoy camping and nature, don’t be intimidated to bring infants and toddlers with you. Yes, it will be more challenging than it used to be, but isn’t life?”

You’re Going to Need a Pack n’ Play

“Take a pack n’ play. Otherwise it’s just dirt – they’re eating dirt, sniffing dirt up their noses,” American Airlines flight attendant Lori Schilling-Davis tells the Travel Channel. “She says the pack n’ play serves 2 purposes: a bed for sleeping and a playpen where they can watch what’s going on around camp,” the network TV station adds. A portable play pen will stop you from worrying about constantly keeping small children busy while you are preparing dinner or setting up camp.

Don’t Just Dive Right In

Start small. Slowly introduce toddlers and small children to the joys of nature. Don’t go a remote campground without running water or bathrooms for kids’ very first camping trip. Moreover, you will want to consider purchasing popup campers, hybrid campers, or RV trailers instead of hiking up tents. (Young children aren’t likely to handle sleeping on the ground or in a rain-soaked tent well.) If you’re on a tight budget, rental campers or used campers are also available.

Remember When Your Child is Safest

Your child is safest when you are watching them. Keep toddlers within your sight at all times. Camp reservations officer Sheila Neff reminds patrons, “A lot of parents have the habit of feeling safe. Generally it is safe. You want to stay with your children. There is no such thing as 100% safety.”

Nature lovers do not have to wait until children are grown to go camping. Introduce toddlers to the great outdoors with a little common sense and patience. Bring along a Pack n’ Play to keep kids out of the dirt, consider renting or purchasing popup campers, and stay with your child at all times. Helpful sites.

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