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Three Ways to Pack Your Things So That They Won’t Break

August 8, 2014


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If you don’t pack your things carefully when long distance moving, it’s more than likely that your stuff will tumble out and get destroyed in transit. Instead of letting the long distance moving process destroy your belongings, here are a few packing and moving tips and tricks you can use to ensure that your stuff is safe and secure.

Don’t Unpack Your Drawers.

Some people might think it’s a good idea to unpack their dresser’s drawers before moving, but a better idea would be to take the drawers out entirely, leaving the clothes in there. This makes the dressers much, much lighter and easier to move, and you won’t have to worry about repacking your dresser once you’re done long distance moving. Wrap the drawers in cling wrap to make sure that everything stays put and doesn’t go flying in transit.

Get Your Rugs Cleaned.

It’s a good idea to have your rugs cleaned before your long distance moving services take them away, not because it’s nice to have a clean rug for your new house, but because the cleaning services will return them rolled, wrapped, and ready to go.

Wrap Breakables in Clothes.

Instead of wasting money on bubble wrap, why not just use your clothes as packing material? It’s a good idea to wrap breakable dishes, like bowls, plates, and serving dishes in t-shirts, and to wrap any stem-ware in socks. That way, you’re not only killing two birds with one stone, but also ensuring that your breakables won’t — well — break.

As long as you heed these packing tips for moving long distances, you’ll never have to worry about getting all of your stuff to your new place in one piece. If you have any questions about how to pack for the long distance moving process, feel free to ask in the comments. Helpful sites.

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