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Three Easy Tips for Cleaning a Garden Shed

January 9, 2015


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The best thing about sheds and garages is that they create an interior space outside of the home for additional use, but the worst thing about them is that they can quickly become cluttered, dirty, and hard to use, especially garden sheds. Here are three tips for cleaning them.

1. Clean and Repair
The first thing you need to do to get a clean and well organized shed is take everything out of it. Go through the seed packs and things that you have an clear out anything you won’t use or has gotten moldy over time. Get rid of old rusty tools or things you have duplicates of. Clean the inside of the shed and make sure that everything is in good repair by patching any holes and fixing any windows.

2. Get Organized
After you’ve gone through everything, cleaned, and repaired your garden shed, it’s time to make the space easy to organize. Install hooks on the walls to hang tools. Install shelving units on the walls to use some of that vertical space to store things your seeds and bulbs. Make a designated space for large bags of mulch and soil. As long as everything has a designated home, the shed should be easy to keep clean after this big project.

3. Add a Potting Bench
After you’ve organized everything, you should really install a potting bench in the interior of the shed, if you have the space to do it. Having a bench means that you won’t have to take things out of the shed to do any potting, which means there’s less of a chance of getting disorganized (or getting lazy when you’re putting things away). Additionally, a bench offers a pretty large shelf for storing things.

Do you have any tips for cleaning or organizing a garden shed? Feel free to share any of them with us in the comments section below. Continue reading here.

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