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How Smart Vents Could Change the Way You Heat and Cool Your Home

January 13, 2015


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These days, smart technology isn’t just for phones — your own furnace and home air conditioning systems could soon be powered with these innovations, and the benefits these “smart vents” have for heating and cooling systems are truly revolutionary.

According to a January 8 Consumer Reports article, smart vents such as the Keen Home Smart Vent and the Ecovent heating and cooling units redirect air to ensure all rooms in a house are kept at a consistent temperature.

Want to know more about how smart vents can be the best heating and cooling systems for you? Here’s some more info on the most popular smart heating and cooling systems:

Keen Home Smart Vent

According to Consumer Reports, this system, which will hit the market sometime this July, comprises replacement vents that can monitor each room’s temperature and accordingly open and close vents to adjust temperature imbalances throughout the home. For this system to work, you won’t need to replace all your home’s vents — just those in rooms that don’t need to be heated or cooled every day as well as rooms that always seem too hot or too cold. These vents will sell for about $85 each.


The Ecovent system is more intricate, and is made up of a series of sensors that all connect back to one hub that monitors each room’s temperature — as well as humidity and air pressure — and directs the vents’ adjustments. It even comes with an app that lets you direct your heating and cooling systems yourself! Unlike the Keen Home system, Ecovent recommends that every vent in your home be replaced with an Ecovent. The Ecovent hub costs around $100, and each individual vent will cost $100 as well, according to Consumer Reports.

In addition to making your home more comfortable to live in, smart vents also offer huge possibilities in savings when it comes time to pay your utility bills each month — over time, they will pay for themselves!

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