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The Reason You’re Not Sleeping Properly

July 18, 2015


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For many people, especially those who work, good night’s sleeps are few and far between. Either you’re sleeping too little, or you’re not sleeping fitfully. Either way, you’re waking up in the morning not feeling fully rested. The National Sleep Foundation says that back/neck pain, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), and headaches are the leading causes of a lack of sleep. The body naturally tosses and turns in order to try to prevent pain/uncomfortable positions during sleep, but the body’s efforts are in vain if the surface on which it is resting is improper.

So, what’s the fix?

The answer: an adjustable bed.

Comfort is the key to a successful sleep, and the proper bed is the key to maximum comfort. Finding a proper mattress/bedframe can be a nightmare due to your own preferences and the countless options that are available. However, because adjustable beds are so manipulable, they can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

There are many different sizes of adjustable beds, so you can start off picking the size you want, whether that be a king, queen, or twin adjustable bed. The types of adjustable bed mattresses include regular ones, sleep system ones, electric beds, etc. Once you’ve picked out the size and mattress, the last step is to figure out the right position to put your adjustable bed in. For example, you can prevent unwanted pain by having a slight incline at the top and/or foot of the bed — this keeps your body from curling into an uncomfortable position during sleep. You could also choose to bend the bed to support the top half of your body like a couch or chair.

Adjustable beds
can help take the pressure off of areas on the body that make sleep uncomfortable, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Since comfort is the key to a successful sleep, investing in a bed that can be specifically fixed to your comfort and liking is highly recommended.

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