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Poverty is No Match for Communities Working Together! Clothing Donations Save Lives

July 17, 2015


Lightly used clothing

Working together, we can make every day a gift for families in need. Donating clothes is an easy way to contribute to the financial health for thousands of families in your local area. We are looking for lightly used clothing — donating clothes is always a great idea. Believe it or not, helping families in need could be as close as your attic or garage. In 2006, helpful people who were willing to make clothing donations for non profit use saved 2.5 billion tons of wearable, usable clothing from cluttering up the nation’s landfills.

The average America throws away 68 pounds of clothing every year and buys 10 pounds of recycled clothing, either from thrift stores, consignment stores, or online. We love the impact that this makes on the landfills. We have found that 90% of used clothing is still in acceptable condition and can make its way to people in need. There are over 1.5 million charitable organizations in this country, and many of them will provide charity pickup services of donations for families and children in need: clothing, household items, even gently used computers and bicycles.

Having a heart full of love is the only requirement to give and to make a difference. Churches and schools can organize clothing drives and you’ll find that donating clothes is a wonderful way to bring the community together for a wonderful purpose. We aim to keep wearable clothing out of landfills, fulfilling our religious mission to help our neighbors and at the same time fulfilling our promise to become stewards of the Earth.

Donate clothes, donate toys, and donate household appliances at any time of year! Individuals gave more to charity in 2013 than corporations and the educational sector combined! As a matter of fact, individuals donated a total of $240 billion in 2013 (74% of all donations), so if you’re thinking of clearing out the clutter and helping a family in need, you are in very good company!

We love donations! Thank you so much in advance for making a wonderful difference. We are willing to pick up donations and we know that if we all work together, we can end poverty in America.

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