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The Pros and Cons of Custom Home Design

July 31, 2015


Luxury custom house floor plans

The American house market has become a thriving industry that, just like the car industry, offers luxury custom home models as an option for the discriminating customer. While there are certainly some benefits to designing your own home, there are some facts that one should know before committing to a house from scratch.

Energy Saving
The problem with older homes is the maintenance. You don’t know how old a heating or cooling system is until you really inspect it. Today, there are plenty of energy-saving and cost-reducing products that it is inexcusable to settle for a home with an older unit that you will have to replace. Houses that are not weather stripped can lose 30 to 40% on heating and cooling–you might as well leave a window open in the winter. Conventional insulators are 50% less effective than spray foam insulation and when used with a geothermal system, can reduce energy costs by 25 to 50% over conventional units.

Updated Tech

With smartphones and tablets, our worlds have never been more connected. Custom home designs can plug your smart electronics into your house. From the convenience of your phone or tablet, you can control electronics, heating, and even security from the palm of your hand. It costs significantly more to hire a contractor to upgrade an existing house to have smart capabilities than it does a custom home builder.

Design for Luxury

To the right customer, luxury custom homes are the perfect expression of the customer’s needs and desires. Such homes can be designed around the customer’s own unique tastes to include everything from recreation rooms and spas to wine cellars and bars. Custom house builders generally charge anywhere between 15% to 25% of the total cost for luxury custom home models. For many Americans with high-end tastes, the only limit to a custom home’s creativity is the customer’s budget and their imagination.

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