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Facts About Clothes That’ll Keep You Up at Night

July 30, 2015


Used clothing pick up

We all have those moments, tearing through piles of clothes, looking for the right, not able to find anything that looks right, outfit, surprised to find a stray pair of parachute pants still hiding in the back of the closet. While you may be tempted to just trash your unwanted clothes, keep in mind that the average Americans household sends about 68 pounds of unwanted clothing to the landfill every year, and about 90% of these clothes are still useful. If you feel that your storage space is being swallowed with extra clothes here are a few tips.

Have a Clothing Swap

If you are looking for that new look, why not throw a clothing swap party? It is a great way to get rid of those pieces that you never wear. Invite your friends and take turns looking through each others unwanted clothes. You’ll be able to offload clothes that you no longer wear while grabbing a couple of new looks. Make sure to institute a two out for every one in policy when you are selecting clothes, you don’t want to go home with more clothes than you came with!

Sell to a Consignment Store

If you have outfits that aren’t really your style anymore, but still stylish, you can consider taking them to a consignment shop. Considering that, on average, Americans buy at least 10 pounds of previously worn clothes each year, it’s a good chance that somebody out there will want to buy your clothing. Not only will you de-clutter your wardrobe, but you also might be able to make a few buck in the process.

Donate Clothes to Charity by Scheduling a Used Clothing Pick Up

Donating clothes to charity is an easy and practical way of helping families in need. It also simple to do, there are several charities that pick up clothing donations. Used clothing pick ups are also good for the environment. Studies showed that used and recycled clothing kept about 2.5 billion pounds of unwanted clothing out of landfills in 2006.

If your closet is busting at the seams with extra clothing, maybe it is time to consider scaling down. Before you go on your next shopping spree think about all the clothes that are sitting doing nothing in your closet. They can make a huge difference to families in need.
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